Established in 1987, situated in the agricultural town of Badaya in the heart of AL-Gassim, a province famous for Palm trees, AL-Gassim Dates Factory brings in almost 30 years of success in manufacturing and exporting of quality dates. With its large capacity of dates production, today our company is ranked among the Kingdom’s leading producers and exporters of clean and hygienically packaged dates.

We supply a variety of products, a few of which include Frozen dates (seedless or with seeds) for inflight supply, dates in vacuum pressed or thermo packs, loose dates in blister packs, almond stuffed dates, dates in tins, plain dates in bulk packs, dates paste, dates syrup and exclusive Ramadan specials.

We handle a diverse class of dates varieties like Suckary, Gassim Khlas, Sabbakka, Hassa Khlas, Nabutseif, Omalhamam, Shagra, Ruzeiz, Berhe, Makthumi, Naphta Ali, Rotana, Wannana, Shishi and so on. The positive contributors to the rapid growth of AL-Gassim Dates Factory are the systematic rapid processing of orders and efficient on-time deliveries, made effective through an extensive distribution network, spanning over the length and breadth of the GCC. We are also undeniably one of the leading exporters of premium Arabian Dates to European countries like the U.K, Germany, France and Far East Asian countries like Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. For almost three decades, our company has been in the business supplying quality dates, meeting the requirements and satisfaction of our customers and our commitment continues even today.